Expressaid  raises funds for Step and Learn through the publication of a  booklet incorporating a free monthly prize draw.There is a choice of attractive prizes such as LCD televisions, camcorders, London theatre breaks etc. on offer in each draw and the subscription is just £4 monthly (payable annually by standing order). A guaranteed 40% of all subscriptions received is donated to Step and Learn.

                      WHY WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT

     Each subscription we receive means that we can increase our contribution to the vital work of Step and Learn and the regular donations that we make to the charity give them the stability to be able to plan improvement and expansion of the important services which they provide.

     For an annual payment of £48, or less than £1 per week, you can help us make a major difference to the lives of the children who attend Step and Learn. In return you will receive 4 entries in our prize draw each month and an email booklet containing the latest news from the charity, together with details of forthcoming events, winning draw numbers, lists of prize winners and subscriber competitions.

     If you would like to subscribe please forward your name and postal address to and we will then email you the current copy of our booklet and forward a standing order mandate form for you to complete.

                         RESULTS OF FREE DRAWS

                          JULY – SEPTEMBER 2017

JULY                       First Prize: 026822

Consolation Prizes:              

                 210372                                101223                         025737

                015292                                    205149                      016417

                025350                                   010828                        027646

                100296                                 213069                       203034

                013623                              111394                        028706

AUGUST                  First Prize: 213060

Consolation Prizes:

              015916                                 210185                       027034

              026683                                  117324                       100275

              101137                               027788                       201142

              016941                                 014418                    014746

              212809                                  104117                       025104


                       First Prize:  027332

Consolation Prizes:

                010542                    025062                         014996

                204122                        100267                     212649

                111391                            013987                       011138

                026920                          210366                     027006

               015559                             120116                  101074

Claims, by email, or post enclosing a stamped addressed envelope, are

required to reach us by 1st. December, 2017. Paid-up subscribers holding the

above numbers will be notified automatically.


          Mrs. Jarvis of High Elms, Rainham

          Mrs. Dyer of Eastcourt Lane, Gillingham

          Mr. Cranny of Goldcroft Road, Weymouth

          Mr. Shepherd of Enmore Road, London SE25

          Mrs. Donegan of Chaffes Lane, Upchurch

          Mrs. Brown of The Esplanade, Rochester

          Mrs. Mortimer of Stangate Drive, Iwade

          Mrs. Kerwood of Herbert Road, Rainham

          Mrs. Fitzhenry of Otway Street, Chatham

          Mrs. Mires of Coniston Close, Gillingham

          Mrs. Beadle of City Way, Rochester

          Mrs. Carter of Brompton Farm Road, Strood

          Mrs. Weller of Nashenden Farm Lane, Borstal

          Mrs. Collings of Queen Anne Avenue, Bromley

          Mr. Edwards of Borstal Road, Rochester

          Mr. Waller of Cygnet Close, Larkfield

          Mrs. Bishop of Bull Lane, Higham

          Mrs. Cunningham of Woodlands Road, Gillingham

          Mrs. Howland of Taverners Road, Rainham

          Mrs. McCann of Iden Road, Strood

          Mrs. Barton of Clive Road, Rochester

          Miss. Jackson of Jefferson Drive, Rainham

          Mrs. Tufnail of St Davids Road, Weymouth

          Miss. Griffin of Aylesford Avenue, Beckenham


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